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That’s all folks

Well that’s another summer over and our junior cricket programme has drawn to a close.

It pays to continue into the dog days of August.  Last Sunday saw one of the largest turnouts of the summer…..for the first session at least.  

Last Tuesday’s game was one of the best quality – in terms of batting, bowling and fielding – we’ve seen.

And the August Summer Camps were all sold out…….it helps when they’re FREE!    

It’s almost a shame to stop now. 

The sun may shine for a few more weeks, but it’s time for the kids to clean their shoes, iron their shirts and finish the last bit of summer homework before the triumphal return to school.

On the othe hand, if they’ve delegated, you now have additional time on Sunday morning and possibly Tuesday or Thursday evenings.

So take advantage.  And we will be in touch soon with details of next activity.

It’s not long, now, until the New Year!

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