Code of Conduct



Treat others as you would expect to be treated.

Play by the rules and in the ‘spirit of the game’  – if you don’t know what they are, ask.


Winning at all costs is not encouraged.




Do things for yourself before expecting to have them done for you.




Take responsibility for your own decisions – in and out of play.


Co-operate with officials, coaches, team mates, umpires, and opponents.




Respect, acknowledge and thank colleagues, coaches, match officials, and opponent.


Wear appropriate clothing, in and out of plaEncourage and support each other. 


Show patience and never criticis Accept decisions of officials – question only through appropriate channel Win with good grace, accept defeat with disappointment but no ill feeling.


Control your temper and act with dignity.


Never use foul and abusive language.


Harassment of any form – including inappropriate use of language, bullying and cyber-bullying –  will NOT be tolerated.




Work equally hard for yourself and your fellow practice and team members to the benefit of all.


Take responsibility for yourself and question others whose behaviour falls below minimum expectations.


You should be aware of our safeguarding policy – for both children and adults – and take appropriate action if any situation arises which makes you concerned or uncomfortable.


In and out of play, you are a representative of, and an ambassador for, cricket.  Do not bring the game into disrepute.


Consumption of alcohol while working with Weald Coaching is not allowed.  Off duty, we do so only in appropriate areas with self-control. 


Smoking tobacco is discouraged at any time.


Use of illicit drugs and substances is forbidden under any circumstances.




Appreciate that we all bring something valuable and different to our work and learn from the variety and diversity you see in people and places.


Be aware of and abide by our diversity and inclusion policy.


Value everyone’s contribution.




The aim of sport is to have fun and improve your skills.


Take time to thank those who help you to participate – your family, organisers and team mates.


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