v1-Ages 5-8


Sunday is FUN-day.  The emphasis is on running, jumping, catching, hitting, throwing and……er……bowling.  And most of the time that will be recognisable despite the controlled mayhem it may appear!  

It is small group play activity with some well-disguised basic technical elements – we call them the FUNdamentals – built in. 

Initially we may need parental assistance in family one-to-one activity and even to join in the competitions.  But as we progress collaboration and teamwork, that should become less onerous.  At this stage we have one simple KPI;  your child will be desperate to come back next week.


This is the challenge phase……for us!   Can we continue to take the FUN to new heights while building in more active learning?  That answer is, of course, learn through play. 

So we continue the thrills, spills and skills with even more game time.  Yes, you will see more emphasis on the FUNdamentals but only to enable your child to do what they really want which is to hit the ball harder and further, throw longer and bowl faster and…..er…… more destructively! 

And we also expect to see more (controlled) competition.  Not only will your child want to come back next week but perhaps ask you to help with some homework in the meantime.


It’s not long before the skills bit becomes a necessary precursor to ‘the game’.  The risk of losing ‘game time’ is an increasingly powerful inducement to more focus and commitment on the FUNdamentals.

Once your child has reached the stage where they want to play and compete, and begin to recognise that the skills enable to do that more effectively, then they are well on their way to playing more in a team environment.