v1-Ages 9-12

Team based softball

Based on playing different formats of team-based softball, this is a natural progression for graduates of the 5-8 programme and an entry point for older children with little or no previous experience.  There will be more technical coaching, consistent with capability, but the emphasis is on game time and learning ‘in flight’.   We will also weave in competition with participation in mini-tournaments through the summer.

Ready to play hard ball

Hardball cricket is often seen as a ‘right of passage’ by parents and kids.  Most 8, 9 and 10 year-olds cannot wait to don a helmet and all the other protective gear.  But not all are ready and there is no self-ordinance which makes this form of the game the be all and end all.   We feel under no pressure to populate teams to meet external league requirements and will introduce hardball cricket when the time is right.  And only in weekly team-based games and simulated game developmental scenarios.  Outside of that, we use various types of softball in practice, allowing us to adopt different and more productive approaches to skills development than the traditional weekly ‘nets’.