v1-leadership through sport

Inspire is designed to develop the leadership and life skills young people will need as they progress to their next stage of their lives, whether that’s further and higher education or the world of work.  It will set challenges and encourage participants to begin a journey that will last a lifetime.  It will introduce a variety of techniques and practices, explore the qualities and attitudes that define great leadership and, more important, raise awareness and understanding of the ways they can develop those skills and qualities.

Underpinning all the knowledge and skills, though, are the right attitudes and values.  We enable each individual to find meaning and mission – a purpose – in developing character, capabilities, and courage for themselves but, moreover, to serve their wider community by fully expressing their talents and abilities to fulfil that purpose.

With funding from Kent County Council’s Reconnect scheme the programme opens up opportunities for local 16-19 year-olds in the Kent weald to develop leadership skills and gain coaching qualifications.  Through planning and executing their own fundraising project, participants could ultimately have the opportunity to practise their coaching and leadership skills helping develop cricket in countries like Nepal and Rwanda. 

Inspire is a short summer programme for 16-19 year-olds, built around education and family commitments, that’s has three elements:


People are given the role of leader for a variety of reasons but rarely because they have received training and development in leadership. We address that need and seek to provide leadership development for 16-19 year-olds irrespective of academic background


Participants will learn coaching skills and gain national sports body qualifications. They will put those skills into practise, contribute to the development of others and help inspire them to pick up the baton


Teamwork is about instilling a sense of common purpose in a group of individuals with diverse skills and talents to deliver more as a team. Leadership and coaching development will be applied to project planning and executing a fundraising project

………in life as much as sport.  And, ok,  there’s a bit of cricket, too

“don’t look to great companies for inspiration. Instead look to the world’s greatest sports teams. Sport is the most relevant model for peak performance…. Sport is about teamwork, inclusion and empowerment. It’s about passion, fun, excitement, making magic, winning and being part of a dream”

Kevin Roberts
Chairman and CEO
Saatchi Worldwide