There’s some basic principles and key skills which will set you up and give you a headstart for the lifelong journey through your future education, career……… and sport.

But is it possible to develop precious leadership skills in just 4 days?

No, it’s not.

What we will do, is set the challenge and encourage participants to begin that journey of a lifetime.  We will introduce a variety of techniques and practices, explore the qualities and attitudes that define great leadership and, more important, raise awareness and understanding of the ways that we can develop those skills and qualities.

Over four 3 hour modules, participants will focus on:

“Developing leadership and the three pillars of personal, relationship and situational mastery involves a lifetime of work.  There is no quick fix, no final exam, no particular academic ability required. Just hours of practice and the self-discipline to live mindfully and strive for the highest standards of behaviour. We just introduce you to and, hopefully, give you a big headstart on that journey.”

Peter Danby