v1-Safeguarding policy

Policy statement

Weald Coaching Limited is committed to prioritising the well-being of all children and adults at risk, promoting safeguarding in our club at all times, including all programmes and events we run.

This Policy strives to minimise risk, deliver a positive sporting and/or social experience for everyone and respond appropriately to all safeguarding concerns and disclosures.


This Policy is applicable to all staff, volunteers, coaches, members and parents and all other users and visitors at our venues. It is in line with national legislation and applicable across the UK.

Weald Coaching Limited seeks to comply with and apply the Safeguarding policies and procedures laid out in England & Wales Cricket Board’s Safe Hands and any Time To Listen policy adopted by other sports national governing bodies.

Advice, guidance and support is available from the Weald Coaching Limited’s Safeguarding Officer or the safeguarding officer at any of our venues.

Responsibility for the implementation of the Safeguarding Policy, Code of Conduct and Reporting Procedure


  • Our Directors have overall accountability for this Policy and its implementation
  • Our Safeguarding Officer is responsible for updating this Policy in line with legislative and club developments
  • All individuals involved in/present at each of our venues are required to adhere to the Codes of Conduct and, by extension, this Policy of Welad Coaching Limited and each of our venue partners.
  • The Kent Cricket County Welfare Officer and/or LTA Safeguarding team offer support to help cricket and tennis clubs proactively safeguard.

Where there is a safeguarding concern/disclosure:

  • The individual who is told about, hears, or is made aware of the concern/disclosure is responsible for following the Reporting a Safeguarding Concern Procedure shown in the flowchart at the beginning of this policy. Unless someone is in immediate danger, they should inform our Safeguarding Officer.
  • The Safeguarding Officer are responsible for reporting safeguarding concerns to Kent Cricket County Welfare Officer and/or LTA Safeguarding team
  • Kent Cricket County Welfare Officer and/or LTA Safeguarding team are responsible for assessing all safeguarding concern/disclosures that are reported to them and working with the Safeguarding Officer to follow up as appropriate on a case-by-case basis, prioritising the well-being of the child/ adult at risk at all times.
  • Dependent on the concern/disclosure, a referral may be made to:
  • The police in an emergency (999);
  • Local Authority Children’s Services
  • Local Authority Adult Services
  • Designated Officer for concerns/disclosures about a member of staff, consultant, coach, official or volunteer

Breaches of the Safeguarding Policy, Code of Conduct and Reporting Procedure

  • Breaches of this Policy and/or failure to comply with the outlined responsibilities may result in the following:
    • Disciplinary action leading to possible exclusion from the company’s programmes, dismissal and/or legal action
    • Termination of current and future roles within the company and roles in other clubs, county and national sports governing bodies
    • Actions taken by players, parents or carers, staff, consultants, volunteers, officials, coaches inside or outside of the company and any other user of, or visitor to, the company’s venues that are seen to contradict this Policy may be considered a violation of this Policy.
    • The company’s Disciplinary process and Appeals procedure will be applied as determined from time-to-time by our Board.


  • Safeguarding children and adults at risk requires everyone to be committed to the highest possible standards of openness, integrity and accountability. As a Club, we are committed to encouraging and maintaining a culture where people feel able to raise a genuine safeguarding concern and are confident that it will be taken seriously.

What is whistle blowing?

  • In the context of safeguarding, “whistle blowing” is when someone raises a concern about the well-being of a child or an adult at risk. A whistle blower may be:
  • a player;
  • a volunteer;
  • a coach;
  • other member of staff;
  • an official;
  • a parent;
  • any other user or visitor to a venue;
  • a member of the public.

How to raise a concern about a child or an adult at risk at the Club

  • If a child or an adult at risk is in immediate danger or risk of harm, the police should be contacted by calling 999.
  • Where a child or an adult at risk is not in immediate danger, any concerns about their well-being should be made without delay to the Safeguarding Officer directly. The Safeguarding Officer will pass the details of the concern on to the venue safeguarding officer who will contact the Kent Cricket County Safeguarding Officer and/or LTA Safeguarding team at the earliest opportunity and the relevant local authority and the police will be contacted, where appropriate.
  • If, however, the whistle blower does not feel comfortable raising a concern with the Safeguarding Officer the whistle blower should contact the Kent Cricket County Welfare Officer and/or LTA Safeguarding team directly.
  • The individual venue safeguarding officer’s contact details are made available on notices in the changing rooms, Club noticeboards and other Club media.

Information to include when raising a concern

  • The whistleblower should provide as much information as possible regarding the incident or circumstance which has given rise to the concern, including:
  • their name and contact details (unless they wish to remain anonymous);
  • names of individuals involved;
  • date, time and location of incident/circumstance; and
  • whether any witnesses were present.

Contact details

John Swannick is a currently qualified and highly experienced Club Safeguarding Officer with:

England & Wales Cricket Board (qualified 2006, last renewed 2022)

LTA (qualified 2018, last renewed 2021)

Weald Coaching Safeguarding Officer John Swannick07746 886521john.swannick@wealdcoaching.com
Kent County Welfare Officer (ECB)Bridget Owen07807 026247bridget.owen@kentcricket.co.uk
LTA Safeguarding team (LTA)tbc020 8487 7000safeandinclusive@lta.org.uk
NSPCC Helpline 0808 800 5000 
Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) – KCC 03000 41 08 88kscb@kent.gov.uk