v1-Summer Camp joining information

If have already booked for the camps should have received immediate confirmation your booking has been registered from Jotform.

You should also have a Teamer confirmation from the squad set up for all those attending the various sessions, too. Once confirmed, please do your best to ensure attendance as the sessions will have been specifically designed for the number of participants expected.

You can see session details here.

The joining instructions are similar to our usual sessions:

  • please don’t attend if there’ s any suspicion of Covid symptoms or if your child should be self-isolating
  • wear appropriate clothing and footwear – any sports gear and trainers will do
  • the summer camp sessions are 3 hours long so wear a couple of clothing layers to account for changes in weather
  • if your child has their own equipment then they should bring it so long as appropriately labelled………and they take it home with them. Otherwise, we can provide all equipment needed
  • the weather forecast is variable but there should be some sun, so please administer sun block beforehand and give the kids something they can top up themselves. For obvious reasons, we are not allowed to assist
  • although loathe to tempt weather forecasters fate, there’s little likelihood of us having to cancel beforehand but, like Mastermind, once we’ve started we will finish
  • make sure they have enough liquids with them. They shouldn’t need food but perhaps something healthy as a snack for half-time?
  • parents are welcome to stay or drop-off and return. But please note the clubhouse is not open – except for toilet access – so any refreshment-needs will require you to bring your own
  • the kids should be prepared to listen and watch, contribute wherever and whenever they can, let us know if something is not working for them and, above all else, enjoy!

We have your emergency contact details. In emergency only, during sessions you can call us on 07746 886521. Otherwise, use the contact page.